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Sound Your Voice
Nurture your voice, ignite your creative spark!
Photo: Heidi Breuer
Get your taster session
Sound Your Voice
Nurture your voice, ignite your creative spark!
Photo: Felix Kubitza
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Develop your individuality and independence as a singer

Welcome to Sound Your Voice Vocal Studio!

My name is Lise Huber. I offer singing lessons and workshops focused on vocal technique, improvisation and songwriting, for singers of all levels.

At Sound Your Voice you can work towards uncovering your true voice and authentic self-expression.

My classes are designed to empower you to develop your individuality and independence as a singer and musical artist on and off stage.

I love to inspire you and help you explore your own musical artistry. I do this by teaching you vocal and musical skills and creative tools that enable you to express yourself more accurately.


You can attend your singing lessons online or at my studio in Bristol

Learn to

Build trust in your singing voice

  • Increase your vocal strength and power
  • Control your tone, volume and pitch
  • Sing smoothly, from the bottom to the top of your voice without breaks or sudden changes in quality
  • Overcome vocal fatigue and pain

Develop your creativity and self-confidence

  • Become a more vibrant singer
  • Expand your range of ‘colours‘ and tools, musically and vocally
  • Apply music theory and style choices to improvisation, songwriting and song interpretation
  • Get into effective practice routines
  • Successfully run a rehearsal and prepare for your live and studio performances

About me

I was born in Graz, Austria, grew up in Vienna and moved to Bristol in 2018 where I set up Sound Your Voice and continue my work as a Jazz singer, pianist and Songwriter under the name of Lil Maxine.

My musical background is in Jazz and Contemporary Music. From 2010 – 2014 I studied singing at the Vienna Music Institute where I graduated with honours. Since 2019 I study the art of teaching singing at the Institute for Vocal Advancement with world-class singing teachers and vocal coaches. From 2004 – 2007 I studied at the Institute of Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics and Music Physiology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna – around that time my journey as a creative facilitator began.

One of my first assignments as a vocal and musical facilitator was as a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2007, where I worked with performance students at the Conceptual Arts Department. Since 2011 I teach one-on-one singing lessons. Between 2016 – 2018 I worked with a choir for beginner singers. Since 2017 I facilitate weekend intensives for „traumatised non-singers“ at the GEA Akademie in Schrems (Austria), helping participants to reconnect with their voices through music. Since 2021 I collaborate with Danielle Styles, together we’re offering Free Your Voice: Vocal Improvisation Courses and our weekly vocal improv class: Let’s Singprovise! in Bristol. In 2022 I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to substitute for Nick Sorensen’s workshop at the Wiltshire Music Connect Composition Summer School at Bath University.

My work as an artist started around 2006. Besides my solo works and performances I’ve been part of many studio and live projects. My music has been featured on radio and TV, in interviews, on live-appearances and on tours. Over the years I collaborated with various artists in the range of Jazz, Theatre, Musical Storytelling, and Conceptual and Visual Arts.



Reach the potential of your true and authentic voice. Create the music that is already alive inside you!

I provide you with powerful tools that will help you understand, explore and expand your vocal and artistic possibilities.

“The only reason to master technique is to be sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself.” – La Meri

Reach out to me if you have any questions, or would like to chat about how I can help you reach your vocal goals.
Contact me either via the contact form on the website, or send me an email.

Stay tuned and see you soon !