Vocal Improvisation Class Bristol

Vocal Improvisation Class Bristol

Join our supportive singers’ circle to explore your creative voice. Experience the magic of improvising a cappella music as a group!

Wednesdays 7:15pm – 9:15pm at Sound Your Voice, 29 Blenheim Street, Bristol, BS5 0NS

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You too can improvise vocally

If you’re someone who loves to sing, you’ll know the joy of learning new songs, or singing old favourites. But what if you could be more creative when you’re singing?

What if – by tapping into your unique voice and creative flow – you could play a part in making up music on the spot?

Even if improvised singing sounds challenging to you and a bit scary, we’re confident that you too can start improvising. At Let’s Singprovise! we provide a highly supportive space where you can learn in small, achievable steps how to co-create spontaneous vocal music.

An accessible intro to vocal improvisation

At Let’s Singprovise! you’ll experience Collaborative Vocal Improvisation, a magical art form in which we make up a cappella music together in the moment. We (Lise and Danielle) teach all the musical skills involved in an accessible way, so you don’t have to know music theory, or have improvised before, to take part.

You’ll begin each class with a gentle, embodied routine to help you feel grounded and to settle any nerves. We also have class guidelines in place to help everyone feel more comfortable and safe. For example, everything we do in class is an invitation, so you can choose to sit out of any exercise at any time.

As well as learning a variety of vocal improv practices and games, you’ll be supported to:

  • Develop your skills in melody, harmony, rhythm and sound – so you have more options to express yourself. (Each class is focused on one of these four areas of skill.)
  • Value and embrace all your musical ideas – even simple ones
  • Gradually expand your comfort zone to share more of your unique voice with others

What exactly is Collaborative Vocal Improvisation?

Collaborative Vocal improvisation (CVI) is an a cappella art form (i.e. sung without instrumental accompaniment). It’s often made up of vocal loops which are layered to create harmony and rhythmic interest, over which one singer, the soloist, can improvise a melody. The forms or ‘ways into’ CVI we teach in Let’s Singprovise! were developed by the vocal improviser Rhiannon and other members of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra in the US.

Taking part in CVI can help you feel alive and connected to others. It will also hone your skills for any musical activity – whether you’re dreaming of writing songs, taking part in jams or collaborating with other singers and musicians.

Often people associate vocal improvisation with Jazz or musical theatre, but CVI isn’t about singing in a specific genre. The music we create together can sound like any contemporary music genre, or none.

Come and experience our singers’ circle

Come along to Let’s Singprovise!, experience the magic of improvising together, and discover how you can become a more spontaneously creative singer!

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Does this feel way outside your comfort zone?

If you’re worried that you might be too overwhelmed with nerves to take part in Let’s Singprovise! – or you’d like to go deep into a process for overcoming your nerves – please check out our Free Your Voice – Freedom Foundation weekend intensive course. It’s purpose-designed for singers like you.