Free Your Voice: Vocal Improvisation Courses 2023

Vocal Improvisation Workshop
Vocal Improvisation Workshop
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Free Your Voice: Level 1 and Level 2 weekend intensives Bristol

Let your voice fly free

Would you love to be more free, confident and expressive when you sing?

If you long to share more of your unique self-expression through your singing voice, but are held back by nerves, inhibitions or self-doubt, a Free Your Voice vocal improvisation course could help you unlock new possibilities.

Whether you’re a shy, bedroom-based singer who’s scared to be heard, a singer-songwriter seeking the courage to ad lib, or a seasoned Collaborative Vocal Improviser longing to own your solos, we have a course designed for you.

We (Lise and Danielle) invite you to join our supportive singers’ circle for a weekend of empowerment. Come share in the magic of creating spontaneous a cappella music – and find new ways to set your voice free.

You’ll find full details of Free Your Voice Level 1 and Level 2 below.


“I loved it so much, I couldn’t ever have guessed how healing it would be. I found so much more confidence to experiment. It was brilliant, musically engaging and such a wonderfully held safe space. You two are absolutely brilliant!” Freya (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


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Which course is for me?

Free Your Voice Level 1

You’re a singer who’d love to feel comfortable improvising in front of other people. But your nerves start to kick in at the very thought of taking the risk to sing out without a plan!

You might be:

  • someone who longs to be creative with their voice and music, but has never done any kind of vocal improvisation before
  • a shower-singer or car-singer who makes up tunes on the spot when no one else can hear
  • a shy songwriter
  • or someone who has done a little bit of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation and found it challenging

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Free Your Voice Level 2

You’re a singer who’s ready to do a deep dive into the art of the improvised solo. You’ve already got experience of improvising and being creative with your voice, and you can sing in front of others without nerves completely overwhelming you. However, in the moment of stepping up to improvise a solo you still feel underconfident and inhibited.

You’d love to be able to vary your solos more, and have more artistic choice over how they sound. You want to experience yourself as a free, confident and expressive improvising soloist.

Learn more about Level 2


Free Your Voice Level 1

20-21 May | 10am-5pm
At 24 Gibson Road, Bristol BS6 5SG



Unlock your creative voice, overcome your nerves

In Free Your Voice Level 1, you’ll experience a gentle, supported journey into the magic of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation. Through this improv practice, combined with simple yet powerful body–mind tools, you’ll start to expand your comfort zone and gain confidence to share your creative voice.

You’ll be invited to start improvising in the most simple and accessible way, by making up short, repeating musical phrases. You’ll then discover how these simple ideas can be layered up with the ideas of other singers to create beautiful music.


What is Collaborative Vocal Improvisation?

Collaborative Vocal improvisation (CVI) is typically made up of looping, interlocking patterns to which you can add harmonies, rhythm, bass and solo – all with the voice. Taking part in CVI is not just a magical experience in itself, but will hone your skills for any musical activity – whether you’re dreaming of writing songs, taking part in jams or collaborating with other singers and musicians.

Most people associate improvisation with Jazz, but CVI isn’t just for Jazz singers. The music we create together can sound like any contemporary music genre, or none. The only way of knowing exactly what our group improvisations will sound like is to come along and experience them for yourself!


“I never thought I could create music and now I think I could even create a song!” Eva (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


What exactly will I learn and experience in Level 1?

At the beginning of the weekend you’ll be warmly welcomed into our singers’ circle. We’ll lead you through a process to settle your body and calm any nerves. Then you’ll be introduced to your fellow singers, and we’ll establish some group agreements to help everyone feel safe.

Next we’ll set off on an exploration of vocal sounds and rhythm. You’ll learn the foundational skills of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation, to set you up for our weekend of making delicious music together.

On both Saturday and Sunday you’ll get to learn and experience:

  • a variety of fun and playful ways to make spontaneous music
  • powerful tools and reflective exercises to overcome your nerves and build confidence

If during the weekend you feel ready to try out the role of soloist in our group improvisations then you will have the opportunity to do so. However, there will be no pressure on anyone to solo.

By Sunday we’ll be focused on really celebrating our musical creativity and putting our new skills and learnings into practice – to have you leave our singers’ circle on a high!

Beyond gaining improvisation skills, our aim for the Level 1 weekend is to help you experience yourself in a new way: as a more confident, vibrant singer who can share themselves more fully in song.


“Was expecting it to be intimidating and all about singing perfectly and beautifully as individuals, and so pleased it was none of these things!” Sarah (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


“I’ve sung all my life and been part of various choirs, but this course was a completely unique experience for me. It felt like I was connecting with something ancient, and intrinsically human. I loved singing in a circle, creating music spontaneously, and listening to others and finding ways to respond in the moment.” Claire (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


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Free Your Voice Level 2

3-4 June | 10am-5pm
At Beacon Music Centre, Bristol BS10 5SJ



Improvise solos with greater artistic freedom and confidence

On Free Your Voice Level 2 you’ll learn how to practise and prepare for improvised solos, so you can really own them!

This weekend will give you the rare opportunity to focus on improvising solos, within the context of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation. You’ll get the chance to practise being heard soloing within a safe and supportive group. We’ll use embodiment tools, combined with a gentle, playful approach, to loosen your inhibitions and pave the way for a positive experience of the soloist role.

You’ll develop your awareness of the creative choices you can make during an improv solo, and learn what it takes to structure and develop a great on-the-spot melody.

By the end of this weekend you’ll have a clear, step-by-step process you can use to continue to develop your artistic voice, move beyond your ‘go-to’ sounds and blossom into a free and confident improvising soloist.


How will the Level 2 weekend flow?

Your weekend will begin with a warm welcome into our singers’ circle. We’ll lead you through a process to settle your body, before introducing you to the other singers who’ll be sharing in this soloist’s journey. We’ll then get some group agreements in place to help everyone feel safe.

After warming up your voice and sense of rhythm, we’ll start to expand your vocal and musical palette by exploring different ways to create vocal colours and textures.

On both Saturday and Sunday you’ll have the chance to play with a variety of improvisation techniques. These will focus on developing your individual voice as an improviser, but also bring in Collaborative Vocal Improvisation so you can feel supported by the voices of the whole group.

By Sunday afternoon we’ll be focusing on putting our new learnings into practice creatively, weaving together beautiful a cappella layers to inspire each soloist to ‘take the stage’ and enjoy their moment to shine!


“It was warm, supportive, safe, enjoyable.” Sarah (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


“It literally freed my voice!” Gillian (Free Your Voice 6-week course participant)


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Level 1 weekend: £250 Standard | £200 Concessions*
Level 2 weekend: £250 Standard | £200 Concessions*

Double weekend deal: Book both Level 1 and Level 2 weekends at a discounted price of £400 (Standard and Concessions)

*Concessions are available for students and those on a low income. To pay the concessionary rate use the coupon code FYV2023 when booking.

Meet your facilitators

Lise Huber
Jazz singer, songwriter and vocal coach

Lise is the founder of Sound Your Voice, a Bristol-based vocal studio empowering singers of all levels to develop their individuality and independence as musical artists. A voice teacher with more than 15 years’ experience, Lise has taught everyone from performing artists to stage actors, as well as beginner singers who think they can’t sing!

Since 2019 Lise has trained as a vocal technique teacher with world-class vocal coaches at the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). Her musical background is in Jazz and Contemporary Music. She began her journey as a creative facilitator at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts, where she studied Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics.

Lise performs and records with her Jazz band under the name of Lil Maxine. She has collaborated with various renowned artists in the fields of Jazz, World and Theatre.


“Brilliant, magnificent, sensitive and highly competent in the way Lise brings out the best in me as a singer and performer!“ Jakob Beubler, singer and actor

Danielle Styles
Vocal improvisation coach and songwriter

Danielle is a creative vocalist, vocal improvisation facilitator and coach. Working under the name Bird Flies Free, she helps nervous and inhibited singers to unlock the artist within and sing with true freedom and confidence in front of others.

Danielle dedicated herself to the study and practice of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation after falling in love with this artform five years ago. She has taken extended courses in vocal improvisation with Briony Greenhill and Emma Coleman, and trained as a CVI and circlesong facilitator with Guillermo Rozenthuler.

As an improviser, songwriter and piano player, Danielle has been on her own journey to overcome performance anxiety. She now uses the wisdom and empathy she’s gained to support other singers who aspire to find true freedom in their voice.

“I felt entirely safe and held in Danielle’s workshop and I didn’t ever feel exposed or on the spot. Danielle is a wonderful facilitator who created a space that was fun and playful but also tender and open.” Amy Lawrence, singer, songwriter and performing artist

Cancellation & Refund and Course Policies

To see our cancellation & refund and course policies please click the plus sign below.

As we (Danielle and Lise) are committed to delivering a high standard of service, we put a limit on the number of places available on our courses. Once these places have been filled, we do not allow anyone else to join. For this reason we are not able to offer any refunds in any circumstances aside from:

  • your exercising your consumer right to cancel within the 14-day cooling off period (see below), or
  • in the case that we cancel the course ourselves (see below).

This policy also reflects the amount of time and energy we dedicate to preparing for Free Your Voice, in order to deliver a high-quality service for our students.

Please note that the course fee isn’t transferrable.


Cooling Off Period

It’s your legal right as a consumer to cancel and receive a full refund during the ‘cooling off period’ which starts from the date of your booking and ends 14 days later. To cancel you should let us know of your decision to cancel by emailing us at We will confirm receipt of your email and make the refund using the same means of payment as for the initial transaction, unless agreed otherwise.

Organisers’ cancellation

We are fully committed to delivering this course, but if for any reason we should have to cancel, we would give you a full refund.

If we cancelled before the course had started you would be eligible for a full refund of the payment you had made for the course.

If we cancelled once the course had started you would be eligible for a refund that reflected the proportion of the course which had already taken place.

If due to events beyond our reasonable control (including illness) one of us was not able to facilitate the course, the course would still run and be taught by the other facilitator.


Got questions? Take a look at our FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, drop us an email at and we’d be happy to help.

Is Level 1 suitable for beginner singers?

No, if you’re new to singing, Level 1 isn’t for you yet. To take part in Level 1 you’ll need to feel comfortable with singing, and be able to sing in tune.

If you’re unsure whether Level 1 is suitable for you, please drop us an email at and we’ll be very happy to help you.

If you are a beginner and you’d love to explore your voice and improve your singing skills, you can book a 60-minute taster session with Lise here.


Am I ready to do Level 2?

To take part in Level 2, you need to have experience of improvising with your voice, and ideally some experience of taking part in Collaborative Vocal Improvisation.

If you’re unsure whether Level 2 is suitable for you, please drop us an email at and we’ll be very happy to help you.


Do I need to know music theory?

You don’t have to have studied music theory or be able to read sheet music to take part in either Level 1 or 2, because all skills will be taught in an accessible way.

We sometimes use handouts with notation for those who find sheet music helpful, but we always provide alternative resources for those who don’t.


Are Free Your Voice courses about Jazz improvisation?

No, they aren’t jazz improvisation courses, they are relevant to singers across all genres of contemporary music. The music we’ll create together could sound like any contemporary music genre, or none.


Any other questions?

Please drop us an email at and we’ll be very happy to answer them.


Ready to free your voice?

If you’re feeling the call to join us, we can’t wait to meet you and your voice! We’re excited to improvise with you, and to hear the song that only you can sing.

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